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Size (in) PR T TRA code NSD (mm) Wgt (lbs) Rim (in) SW (mm/in) OD (mm/in) LC (kgs) IP (psi) Price (USD)  
50 kmph 10 kmph 50 kmph 10 kmph
16.00 X 25
OTR Tire Off the Road Mining, Loader Tire (E3) (16.00 X 25) OTR tubeless mining and loader tire is designed for use in mine or rock lug. This tire has excellent traction and durability.
» Tubeless
28 TL E-3/L-3 30 368.2 11.25/2.0 430/16.9 1490/58.7 6700 11500 83.4 108.8 $3,129.90 OTR Tire Off the Road  Mining, Loader Tire (E3) (16.00 X 25)
OTR-offroadtire’s line of mining tires offer the best protection for harsh operating conditions. These tires offer extra tread protection resulting in outstanding durability, strength, and outsanding protection against rock cuts. OTR-offroadtire’s mining tires provide phenomenal wear in high speeds in harsh conditions.

OTR-Off Road Tire is an affiliate of ATS-All Tire Supply.

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